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Welcome to the world of Proximity Marketing using GeoFencing, Beacons, NFC and more.

It's the latest technology that ties into the location system on their phone so your message can arrive when they get close.
It literally makes their Smart Phone SMARTER.

You may have heard about it but the cost prevented you from taking advantage of all it's benefits.

Well hold onto your hats, things are changing.

We have some Incredible FREE Tools for you.

Times are tough, we're here to Lend a Hand.

Want More Customers?

What if you had a system that Automatically Reached Out to Prospects and Customers, right on their phone, and invited them in?

What if it was a New Customer Prospecting Machine that could bring in NEW Folks on Auto-Pilot?

What if the items on your shelves described themselves to your customers. right on their phone, simply by them approaching the item?


We are not looking for the life we had, we are creating a new one. A New Normal.
Utah Business Magazine, April 2020

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